Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 5

This is the day... why we are here :)

There are about 60 of us who made up this 14th cohort of Google Certified Teachers, came from more than 10 countries. A majority come from the US, and both Aurelius and I are the sole representatives from Asia! :)

It's a day filled with lots of sharing - both old and new ideas. For old ideas, no harm hearing them again because there's always some depth added to the existing knowledge. For the new ones, certainly, they bring in a lot more excitement and open up new possibilities. OK, to quote what was heard umpteen times (maybe the Americans are basically generous in their words) - "Mind Blowing" is the word to describe some of them.

Well, today I also met up with the team members whom I had my first Hangout with! Hey, you are special because you contributed to my first experience in a new attempt :)

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