Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 6

Part 1: Google Teacher Academy (Day 2)
It is a series of unconference sessions, which is not unfamiliar to us though the way it's approached is slightly different from how we normally approach this in Singapore.

What the Google Team did was:
  • Find out, from the participants what they what to know. This is a bit different from ours - for instance, for every eduCamp, Preetam will invite participants to indicate what they would like to share/ present in the session. I think, for this part, the Google Team already has the team of Lead Learners to run the show and the various aspects of Google Apps are taken care of.

Part 2: City Walk @ World Financial Area 

World Trade Centre Area @ York York on PhotoPeach

The layout of the Financial area is definitely far more confusing than the neatly organised building beyond the southern tip of the city :) What a vast difference! Densely surrounded by skyscrapers could be suffocating, not to mention that it adds more challenges to the navigation. It's like a maze! Indeed, both of us were walking around with our iPhone maps displayed... in search of wall street and the charging bull. Oh yes, we were like the geomancers... haha... ok, I did not use my iPad like what I did in Eastern Europe!

The Story View: Wall Street @ New York on PhotoPeach
The Spiral View: Click at the Play button. remember to turn on the volume of the speaker :) 
Wall Street @ New York on PhotoPeach

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