Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 4

Part 1: School Visit - NYC iSchool

This morning, we visited the NYC iSchool which I felt the directions and approach of the school struck close resemblance to SST!

Unlike the previous one, the Principal emphasized largely on the teaching and learning part. We did not hear much about the technology platform. Largely, the approach and thinking behind what the school strives to achieve.

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Part 2: Visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art As we had only half a day for the visit, I went for the highlights recommended by the Museum Director, which was featured in the website. This was certainly helpful as the highlights were the ones we should not miss, and true enough, some of these were pretty different from what I saw in other museums (in particular the ones in Europe). Of course, there were things that struck resemblances too!
What looked the same? What's different? Here are some observations:
(a) The Egyptian exhibition - interesting, I did not really find any 'mummy' at the exhibition hall! (or could I have missed it because I only focused on the highlights?) The Egyptian exhibition rooms were always filled with lots of mummies. I remember the one in the British Museum even featured cat mummies! Something unique is the boat sculptures that depicts the 'sending' of the pharaoh to the after-world.
(b) I met "Van Gogh" again! Indeed, the great artist is all over the world.
(c) Sculptures! Sculptures! The incompleteness, the stories, etc were quite similar to that in the European museums, though the collection here is much smaller (I felt).
(d) Something unique which I can't recall seeing in museums were the interior 'structures' which was rare in other museums visited (unless it's those 'onsite' like the Palace Museum in Beijing).
(e) Installations of modern art is something that 'conventional museums' don't include - don't recall seeing something like this in the British Museum or the Lourve. OK, I saw similar thing at the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands. Coincidently, the Andy Worhal Exhibition was going on then.

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