Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 3

Part 1: School Visit - Academy for Careers in Television & Film
This morning, we visited the Academy for Careers in Television & Film. (URL:
Mark Dunetz, the Principal gave us a good overview on how the school has used the suite of GoogleApps, in particular GoogleSpreadsheet to effectively improve the administrative processes. In fact, some of the work processes he described fit into our context pretty well, and some are in the wishlist that we have build over the past couple of years.

Generous sharing and good learning from this visit.

The school is situated at the Long Island City, in the main land area. The area looked more like a residential and light-industrial area. 

Part 2:
The United Nations (New York) office is actually pretty near to where we stay. So, why not a NE Learning Journey? Unfortunately, it was closed! Haiz...

There are lots of walking... we walked all the way to Times Square to "fulfill" the last commitments of this trip.

Along the way, we passed by another famous landmark in New York, the Grand Central Terminal

Try our video maker at Animoto.

Of course, how could we miss the Apple Store that is 'tastefully' integrated into the building, located at the 2nd floor :)

Thanks to Aurelius' resourcefulness, I also found my 'best buy' (in this trip) @ Best Buy - a Chromebook, which is currently not available in Singapore. It's a "good-to-have" though.
On the other hand, this device also opens up new opportunity to engage myself in the evolving user experience (in terms of technology).

Read more about my thoughts of the Chromebook HERE.

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