Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 1

The journey was a long one! About 7 hours from Singapore to Narita, followed by another 12 hours to New York. On the other hand, while the unearthly 'reporting time' to the airport could be stressful, the arrival time, I thought was pretty good - around late afternoon when we could rest and get ready for the next couple of days.

It was the first time flying by Delta Airlines. Prior to departure, there were lots of 'preparation' in terms of tuning the mindset - to lower the expectations! Haha... this time, not only from colleagues, but also from brother. Wah! That reminded me of my NIE days when the lecturer kept reminding us of the 'characteristics' our main 'clientele' (i.e. the Normal (Technical) students). Of course, by setting the lowest expectation, one should not get disappointed too badly, and one would also expect 'pleasant' surprises when things turned out better than as expected. So, it's 'playing' with psychology too!

Perhaps because it was more than 20 years since I last travelled to US, and also due to the 911 incident, the check-in process was especially tedious, compared to many other countries (of course, Russia is an exceptional one).

Here's a quick comparison with SQ services, the comfort creature missed:
  • Hot towel (usually given before the flight took off)
  • Orange juice (that was usually given after the flight takes off and has reached a certain altitude) 
  • Air stewardess who are nicely groomed who really look like 'high class' waitress (which many people would describe)
  • Postcards (that I learnt from Aurelius that only SQ has such service... ok, I take for granted about that)
  • Food that are nicely presented and a bigger portion of serving. Of course, ice cream(!) that's available in some of the flights
  • Air stewardess who would appear pretty quickly when the button was pressed! (OK, no one came and the light went off automatically after a while)
Other than that... hm... I think service is still reasonable :)

We arrived in the mid-afternoon.

While the hotel room looked small and congested, actually it added the cosy-touch. Indeed, the location was pretty convenient, where a number of places like the Times Square and the United Nations were within walking distance.

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